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Add:Home >> Products >> 40-50cm Doll >> 44cm Doll-02 >> Ming
  Product Name: Ming
Product No.: 10084
Member Price: $160.00
Weight: 1100 g
Height 44cm
Head size 17cm
Neck size 7cm
Shoulder width 8.5cm
Chest 17.5cm
Waist 13cm
Hip 18cm
Arm Lenght 12cm
Leg lenght 24cm
 NO.44  Sorry for the trouble, I was wondering if I could buy the Ming body with the Rong head? Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it 😄 2022/1/10 16:31:06
 NO.43  could I please see pictures of this dolls body? 2020/9/12 12:09:01
 NO.42  Hi, I am trying to send You one mail because I want to buy one elf boy (44/45 cm) I'd like to se more pics of this if it's possible. Thanks P.s. unfortunately my mails won't reach You (failed delivery) but I don't know why :( 2020/4/21 18:44:42
 NO.41  is it possible to see the body as i cant see the pictures sadly, very interested in this doll 2017/2/11
 NO.40  Hello! Is it possible to get this body with a Sui head? That would be awesome! 2017/2/11
 NO.39  Hello! I'm very interested in purchasing this cutie, and i was wondering what sized clothes he fits? I know he has an MSD sized body but i wanted to be sure. Also, does he come with magnets in his head for horns? Or would those be purchased with the horns. 2016/12/5
 NO.38  Can I order 2 Ming's but have one head be replaced with the Sui head? 2016/6/1
 NO.37  Is there any chance you'd be able to post up more pictures for Ming? The wig really covers the ears and I would love to see the full sculpt. Thanks! 2016/1/31
 NO.36  Yao has arrived at last !!! Love at first un-opening ! She is fine and beautiful. Horns are spectacular . Head plate was loose and magnets fell out and I could hardly pry them apart ! They keep her too big wig on... AWESOME job RS!!! Waiting on my hybrid now.....  2014/11/6
 NO.35  Do you intend on making a female msd body with hooves? I really want a coffee colored Ju head on a Ming body but I want her to be female. 2014/6/14
 NO.34  No. 33, to get him in tan click the drop-down menu beside "colour" and choose "coffee" ($12 extra). This is a light tan color but it's the only brown RS makes. You can see it by clicking "color show" in the left-side menu. 2014/5/22
 NO.33  Hello. Do you have dark tan Ming? 2014/4/16
 NO.32  Soo cute! I have a Yao and I'm going to hopefully get her a brother sometime soon. Keep up the great work Resinsoul! 2014/1/26
 NO.31  More pics please! 2013/3/1
 NO.30  I'd love to see a Ming with Dan-type ears. It would give him a true satyr look and feel! Is there any development like this in progress? :D 2013/2/27
 NO.29  I'm still waiting for my Mei and yet here I am looking for a boyfriend for her lol he would be perfect for my girl! He's on the must have list, wish there were more pics because I almost skipped over him not knowing he has hooves... I really wanted a hooved boy for Mei 2013/1/26
 NO.28  I would love to see this beautiful guy with human legs and feet =) 2012/9/29
 NO.27  Good day! Is it possible to buy Ju head with Ming body . Thanks 2012/9/24
 NO.26  I second the mermaid suggestions, you make such wonderful dolls and I would love to have a mermaid doll. 2012/6/14
 NO.25  Is there a way to get this body separately? I want it really badly. 2012/6/2
 NO.24  I would buy a human-eared version in an instant! He's beautiful! ^^ 2011/10/19
 NO.23  Would he come with the yellow eyes? Because that would be great! 2011/10/18
 NO.22  I just got my White Skin Ming the other day and I LOVE him! I hope you guys make more fantasy dolls in this size! Mermaids, Kitties, Dragons?! ^o^ 2011/10/15
 NO.21  Is there a way to get the body of this? 2011/9/14
 NO.20  Fantastic little guy. So well done. Best Satyr I've seen . I love this little guy to death. Wonderful job guys. 2011/9/9
 NO.19  Oh I really hope you release the hands to buy separately! They look much less "grabby" than the hands for the other MSD boys. 2011/9/2
 NO.18  I must have this MSD boy body! 2011/8/8
 NO.17  Hope to see pics of his human version soon! Also, are those new hands? The look a little less curled than Wu's. Less curled is good. :3 2011/8/3
 NO.16  He's so handsome! I can't wait to see him with human ears/body! <3 2011/7/26
 NO.15  Yes, I have to say I would also like to see a human-eared version. He is amazing. 2011/7/10
 NO.14  I would love to see a male human eared version of Ming too! :D ♥ 2011/7/9
 NO.13  I would love to see a human eared version of Ming! 2011/7/9
 NO.12  Oh a human eared ming would be amazing!!! Are we ever going to get sleeping heads for the sculpts? 2011/7/9
 NO.11  I'd like to see ah human ear version.. That would Be awesome! -GLS 2011/7/9
 NO.10  Yes, definitely interested in a human version of Ming!! I would absolutely buy this head if he had human ears 2011/7/7
 NO.9  Thanks for everybody's message, 14MM big eyes to Ming is more appropriate, if you are interested in, company will produce a human version for Ming soon, and the head of Ming can order separately,Thanks  2011/7/6
 NO.8  This is my favorite head sculpt by far, but I'm not fond of the hooves, can I just order the head? 2011/7/5
 NO.7  I love him. Great job guys. 2011/7/3
 NO.6  Oh yeah, and by human, I meant human ears. xD; 2011/7/2
 NO.5  He looks awesome (especially in tan skin, omg)! Are there any plans for a human version of him? c: 2011/6/29
 NO.4  What size eyes does he look best in with out the putty showing? 2011/6/28
 NO.3  I love his lips 2011/6/27
 NO.2  Just amazing! Yet another resinsoul doll to add to my wishlist! his ears are so cute! 2011/6/27
 NO.1  superb creation :-) 2011/6/26
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