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Add:Home >> Products >> 40-50cm Doll >> 42cm doll-02 >> Rong
  Product Name: Rong
Product No.: 10070
Member Price: $150.00
Weight: 850 g

Height 42cm
Head size 17cm
Neck size 6.5cm
Shoulder width 7.5cm
Chest 16.5cm
Waist 11.5cm
Hip 18cm
Arm Lenght 12cm
Leg lenght 23cm
Feet length 5.2cm
Feet wide 2.1cm

 NO.88  What size eyes does she need? 2022/2/9 7:58:47
 NO.87  Is it possible to get the Ya head on Rong’s body? How much extra would it cost? 2021/9/21 9:42:57
 NO.86  Is it possible to get her with Tang's body? 2020/5/3 22:34:58
 NO.85  Hello, I am interested in buying her, could you put more pictures of her face and body please? Is she double jointed? Thank you 2020/3/10 5:24:24
 NO.84  Hello I was wondering if I would be able to get rong with Yun's ears. And how much extra it would cost. Thank you. 2019/12/18 0:49:29
 NO.83  Is it possible to just buy the Rong head? 2019/2/14 10:18:07
 NO.82  Hello! Is it possible to buy this doll with a male body? 2019/2/1 0:57:42
 NO.81  Hi, I have a few questions. One are the prices in USD? Can Rong be ordered with a modififed body with 4 arms? And if so how much extra would that be? Thanks 2018/5/2 10:37:25
 NO.80  Hi! I was looking into buying just Rong's head and was wondering if you'd know how much that would be (if I could do it at all). Let me know! 2017/2/6
 NO.79  Would it be possible for me to get Ya's head on Rong's body? Thank you! 2016/11/30
 NO.78  I would like to know, is custom makeup and option? And would there be a cost difference? 2016/11/30
 NO.77  I'm very interested in this doll to b my first bjd I was wondering what size wig she wore 2016/11/29
 NO.76  Is it possible to get mei or songs head on this body? Thanks! 2016/9/21
 NO.75  14mm eyes 2016/7/17
 NO.74  Can I get Rong's head on Yao's goat body, with horns? Gray skin? How to place order and how much? :D Thanks a million! 2016/3/4
 NO.73  can i order her in human ears instead? 2015/9/30
 NO.72  Hi I'm just wondering if I can get Rongs head with a double jointed Li body? Thanks 2015/5/16
 NO.71  What size eyes does she take? 2015/1/3
 NO.70  If you need the human ear, you can write order to admin@resinsoul.com , 2014/12/9
 NO.69  Could I get her with human ears? 2014/12/8
 NO.68  My question is that how tall would the doll be because where I live cm is REALLY SMALL , so is this bjd a small one or a large one? Because this is a real lovely doll and I want a large doll , 2014/7/23
 NO.67  I see a lot of people asking about ordering a Rong body with a Mei head. I did just that a little while ago and all I had to do was order Rong (she is the more expensive one) and ask in the comments for a Mei head. They were very friendly and I got a lovely doll that I adore. 2013/12/12
 NO.66  what size wig does she need to wear in order to fit her perfectly? 2013/10/3
 NO.65  Hello! Is it possible if I can get custom makeup if I order her? 2013/9/23
 NO.64  Can we see a photo of her without the wig, please? It is difficult to see the ears properly with the wig on. 2013/9/9
 NO.63  how much would she cost with the mei head 2013/8/18
 NO.62  Hello, what size wig does she wear? or how is this determined, also what mm are the eyes? 2013/7/22
 NO.61  Is it possible to order the ring body with the neo head? Would it cost more? If you can, how? Thankful for fast answers! :) 2013/7/6
 NO.60  Hi I am really interested in buying a doll i would like Rong body but with Mei head please. How much will this be and how will shipping be to Manchester United Kingdom Thank you 2013/7/4
 NO.59  Are we able to buy the wig or does she come.With it as well as the eyes and are we able to pick the color or does she come with the blue eyes like in the picture. 2013/4/18
 NO.58  Can you post more pictures of her ears in detail and some better pictures of her body as well? 2013/3/28
 NO.57  is it possible to get this body with the mei head? and if so what is the price difference? 2013/3/7
 NO.56  no. 55: She is included with a set pair of eyes, but no wig or clothing. She will be packed into an easy carrying case for your convenience. 2013/2/20
 NO.55  Does she come with a wig and eyes? If so are they already on the doll? 2013/2/10
 NO.54  I love the idea of the double jointed bodies but is there any way to get this body with a breast size similar to RS Mei's where it's not too big but it's also not too small or Immature? 2012/12/18
 NO.53  I see a lot of people ask and I am curious too. Can I love her body and face but can I get her with normal ears not the faun ears? 2012/12/17
 NO.52  Would it be possible to have Rong with human ears, or would another head have to be requested? Thank you for your time and all the dolls are beautiful! 2012/11/19
 NO.51  hello does this come with human ears and how much would be the shipping to sweden ? 2012/9/20
 NO.50  Ello! I love the rong, but I was wondering if she would ever be able to come with human ears? Just out of curiosity. 2012/7/24
 NO.49  Bonjour, j'aurais aimé Rong en dark tan est ce possible et sur un corps sd male. Merci pour une réponse rapide. 2012/7/6
 NO.48  can we order a custom face up? Like if we had a picture to refrence ,ect. and if so, how much would that cost? Thanks in advance :) 2012/4/22
 NO.47  The company is launching a new doll now, it is 42CM double- jointed girl, its name is Rong, she has 7-8 inches big wig, 14MM size eyes, these are some pictures of hers, her measured data as follows. So, does she come with a wig and eyes? 2012/2/21
 NO.46  Hello Dear Resinsoul! Is it possible to have Rong in normal color but with make-up which Rong in white color in the promo photos has? Do you provide body make-up as well? Is it possible to order Rong's body with Mei's head ? Thank you in advance 2012/2/7
 NO.45  I bought this doll and really like it but a 7-8 wig does NOT fit. Way too big. 2011/5/17
 NO.44  Is it possible to order the Rong head on a 1/4 boy body, both in white? 2011/5/7
 NO.43  does she come with bloned hair 2011/3/19
 NO.42  Hello ! it't possible to buy Rong's body with Mei's or Fei's head ? Thank you in advance. 2011/3/3
 NO.41  Very pretty doll! She reminds me of a mouse with those ears of hers. 2010/11/20
 NO.40  Ignore #39 (that was from me). My real question is: Are her shoulders really as narrow as the shoulders on Ju/Mei body? 2010/10/26
 NO.39  Could you please update shoulder width measurement? Is important for judging heads that might fit on this body. Presently the shoulders are smaller than the neck, which is impossible. Thank you! 2010/10/26
 NO.38  When you purchase her with make up, does she come with the face up in the first three photos or the face up in the last two photos? Can you choose between the two? Also the description says "she has 7-8 inches big wig, 14MM size eyes" Does she come with a wig and eyes when you buy the doll or do those need to be purchased separately? Thanks. =) 2010/9/21
 NO.37  Would resinsoul ever consider making high heeled feet? 2010/9/20
 NO.36  Are you planning on releasing just the head, also? 2010/9/15
 NO.35  hey there im new the the hole dollfie thing here um i was wondering does she come with the wig? 2010/8/17
 NO.34  Will you maybe release pair of rat-like feet for Rong in the future? 2010/8/9
 NO.33  i'm reeeeallly looking forward to this doll with hooves. Though I'd prefer not-so-chunky hooves, I like the more slender ones like you've got for Ai and Mu. :) 2010/8/4
 NO.32  If you require, we can provide custom face up service,thank you! 2010/7/23
 NO.31  Does resinsoul take custom face up requests? I like how you have two different looks in the photos above. 2010/7/15
 NO.30  What resin colour is she in the first picture? 2010/7/3
 NO.29  So can you order the Rong doll and request Mei head instead or do you have to order body and head separately? It looks as if I order separately it will cost more. thanks 2010/6/22
 NO.28  I love the sculpt and the new body. And a smaller breast size would be great. And a QUESTION! Would the sd-sized hooved legs fit on this msd-sized body? I'd love to make her a deer-like creature! 2010/6/22
 NO.27  Oh do want! I love her body and her head! The ears are just amazing. :) I hope that I can buy her soon, *needs a hundred more dollars* 2010/6/11
 NO.26  Mei's head is suitable for Rong's body 2010/6/10
 NO.25  I like the Rong face, just don't really care for the ears. Prefer the Mei ears. Will the Mei head work with the mature Rong body? 2010/6/9
 NO.24  The new body is suitable for Mai's head ,if you all request, we will consider to make a immature version.  2010/6/8
 NO.23  Can a Mai/Jun head fit on this new female body?I prefer Mai/Jun as a girl. :) 2010/6/7
 NO.22  I'd love to see this body in an immature sculpt. 2010/6/6
 NO.21  Mei is suitable for this body, and we will consider making this body in hooves mold ,Thanks  2010/6/6
 NO.20  If you release this gorgeous girl with some BIG hooves i'd buy her without thinking :> You did a great job on her! 2010/5/31
 NO.19  Hi I'd love to buy mie with this body Is that possible ? Xoxox 2010/5/28
 NO.18  Wow... Just wow. I love her! Id love to have her with a set of chunky hooves. Those ears just scream faun! 2010/5/21
 NO.17  i love the body is there going to be a boy version to ? i would defenetly buy a boy with the new body ! 2010/5/20
 NO.16  Thank you,You can order Rong body in the "Doll parts -02 ".  2010/5/19
 NO.15  I would love to buy this beautiful girl with hooved, big heavy hooves...please, please, please ResinSoul MSD with hooves and also tinys with hooves. I want a whole family of fauns 2010/5/19
 NO.14  Is it possible to order only a double joint 1/4 body without a head? 2010/5/18
 NO.13  if there is enough people request, we will consider making it. Rong's default makeup is as the upper photo,thank you! 2010/5/18
 NO.12  will it be possible to order Rong with more narural makeup as in the upper photo? she is so cute there, and she is rather agressive in lower photos, where she's with May... 2010/5/18
 NO.11  This new girl is beautiful! her ears too, they made me think of a faun, are you planning to make hooves for msd someday? 2010/5/18
 NO.10  Thanks for everybody's message, we have added a picture of the old body compare with the new body, The new body is suitable for all the old 1/4 girl's head (Lan and Lu exception),in addition,The double joint 1/4 boy is in our company's plan, but it may take a long time to come out to meet you.Thanks again!  2010/5/17
 NO.9  Is there any way I could see pictures of a Lu head on this body? I really like this new body a lot!! 2010/5/17
 NO.8  She is gorgeous!! And her body is awesome! Can I see more pics of her hands? They looks lovely... and is there plans for boy-double-jointed-body?! 2010/5/17
 NO.7  Please post photos of her next to the previous body for size comparison. From the measurements her neck seems a lot larger, so the other heads will not fit? 2010/5/17
 NO.6  Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. But I'm also wondering if you would sell the arm parts separately? My Mei is so lovely but she could use double jointed elbows and I don't want to update the whole doll. 2010/5/17
 NO.5  I LOVE her! Is it possible to get her with smaller breasts? 2010/5/16
 NO.4  Will you be selling the body, hands and feet seperately in the future? 2010/5/16
 NO.3  Great job, she is beautiful! could you post a picture of old body and a new one together? 2010/5/16
 NO.2  Her body looks lovely! Congratulations on another lovely design. Could we see more posing pictures? 2010/5/16
 NO.1  she's so awesome! so many people will be happy there's a double jointed body, and her face is cute too. 2010/5/16
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