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Add:Home >> Products >> 40-50cm Doll >> 44cm Doll-01 >> Jun
  Product Name: Jun
Product No.: 9001
Member Price: $145.00
Weight: 850 g

He is a boy of 44cm tall what we recently launched,including one head with elf ears, one 1/4boy body, one pair of PMMA eyes and our packaging. The body figures are as follows:








CHEST 17.5cm

WAIST 13.5cm

HIP 18.5cm


 NO.23  could I please see pictures of this dolls body? 2020/9/12 12:10:46
 NO.22  The elf ears are those in the picture? Or simply elf ears? 2020/4/21 18:39:43
 NO.21  I am going to buy Mai soon. I also want to buy the wig in these pictures of Jun. Where can I buy it? I saw the "Tiny Doll Wig" on the wigs page, which looks similar to this one. Is that the same wig? If not, will it still fit Mai? Thank you! 2016/11/26
 NO.20  How much would be shipping be for him? 2016/2/3
 NO.19  Is it possible to order just the head? Also, do you know by chance if impldoll resin color matches any of your resin colors? :) 2013/2/16
 NO.18  What size wig does he wear? Does he wear a 6-7" or a 7-8" wig? 2012/11/22
 NO.17  is it possible to get the 1/4 body for this doll with the hands open? 2012/9/12
 NO.16  Good Morning, Would it be possible to have Jun's head on Rong or Mei's body please Thank you :-) 2010/9/6
 NO.15  Can I get it with eyes and wig, as in the picture? 2010/3/12
 NO.14  Mai is the human version of JUN 2010/2/25
 NO.13  His face looks dreamy! Any possibility of coming out with this face mold in human and/or elf ears? Or can these ears be sanded down at the factory to elf? 2010/2/19
 NO.12  he is amazing i love his ears, do you think you might make a version with a merman tail or an optional on in the future?- 2009/12/2
 NO.11  JUN's make-up can offer spray color to ears for free.You just need to prompt us when you order.Thank you!  2009/8/10
 NO.10  If I were to order him with factory face-up, would his ears have the darkened tips? I like that extra detail, an would want that to be a part of him if I were to order. 2009/8/9
 NO.9  perfect boy!!! I think I will buy him after some times... 2009/7/21
 NO.8  If possible can I get the eyes in color E007? Thanks! 2009/7/14
 NO.7  He is so beautiful! Yes, these pictures really don't do him justice, especially with the wig (even though I kinda like the wig in the profile shot. Almost like a frizzy mohawk XD) He's next on my list, once I get the money for him, and find an affordable Victorian style dress for him to wear and a red wig in an up-do. 2009/6/3
 NO.6  Also, the wig in this picture does not do him justice. I've seen great pictures of him on Den of Angels that really show off his great face, sultry smirk, and slightly lidded eyes. 2009/4/24
 NO.5  My Jun arrived and I could not be happier! I cannot convey how lovely he is to see in person. I've looked very hard to find a boy doll that is somewhat mature looking in his size and I thank you for offering a male body that is not pot bellied or childish in this size. I'd love to see this trend continue, with even more mature male faces being offered at 43cm. That is, more sculpted cheekbones, longer,thinner noses, higher set eyes perhaps. I do love the larger boys but just don't have the space to collect them. This is a wonderful option for those of us that want a more mature boy. 2009/4/24
 NO.4  please please with human ears¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ he is so beatuful  2009/4/16
 NO.3  Can we see more pictures of his face from the front without the wig please? 2009/1/17
 NO.2  Please bring him out with human ears too. 2009/1/11
 NO.1  I love his ears! He would be a perfect merman! 2009/1/6
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